D.H.T. - Listen to Your Heart

Will Smith - Men in Black

Rebekah K's Other Pop Gem!

    Since starting this Blog, I have only really received hate mail from irate Dannii fans who felt the need to express their disgust at my posts on Lezzigate and the "blasphemous" Danniigoose. That is until my recent Rebekah K post. Rebekah's fabulous debut single "Be My Baby" turned out to be an old Vanessa Paradis tune and I received several emails from unimpressed Vanessa fans. Personally, I can't believe that old gap toothed whore has any fans. They should be grateful that Rebekah lowered herself to cover one of the cunt's ancient flops instead of whinging about her "lowbrow" interpretation. Fuck off!

    Now that's off my chest, back to Miss K! Rebekah followed her stunning Paradis cover with the exquisite "Everything I Do". I actually think this might be another Euro cover but I can't be certain. I'm sure someone will let me know. The song is a significant improvement on "Be My Baby" and in retrospect, is really quite outstanding. "Everything I Do" reminds me of Dannii's output circa "Neon Nights". Yes, it's that good! I blame the song's failure on the distressing cover photo, which makes Rebekah look alarmingly similar to Delta Goodrem. Thank heavens the music bears no such likeness!

    I think it's high time that Miss K released some new material. I know she is still around, performing as the opening act for the odd Australian Idol reject. This woman's talent is too overwhelming to remain untapped. The Rebekah K revival starts here!!

    Rebekah's songs are yet to appear on iTunes. However, her singles occasionally turn up on Australian Ebay.Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Will Smith - Wild Wild West

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

Daniel Powter - Bad Day

The Ex-Lesbian & The Carpenters

    After a series of relatively "highbrow" posts (by my standards!), I feel the desperate need to wallow in some hardcore pop trash or even better, some pop FILTH. If anyone can quench my thirst for lowbrow music, then it is reformed lesbian/Karen Carpenter impersonator, Jackie Clune. I kneel down to the powers that be at Klone Records for fostering "talent" like Jackie's. I'm not sure who actually thought that remaking classic Carpenters' songs as tragic dance anthems was a good idea but they surely deserve some kind of medal. Jackie's renditions of "Calling Occupants" and "Close To You" are tragifabulous in the extreme. I just hope Karen isn't listening from above!

    The interesting thing about Jackie Clune, well apart from her questionable taste in music, is her current position as the poster girl for reformed lesbians. Jackie was a finger licking dyke between 1988 and 2000 before deciding she needed a good pounding. I found this article from The Guardian utterly fascinating. I can understand her craving cock only too well but who decides to be gay as a political gesture in the first place? Just think of all those years of bad hair and baggy trousers when her heart really wasn't in it. Silly cunt. Since leaving the sisterhood, Jackie has popped out 4 children, appeared on Eastenders and toured in Mamma Mia. Thankfully, she somehow found time to establish herself as England's leading Karen Carpenter interpreter and joined Klone Records' galaxy of "stars".

    "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft" is one of my favourite Carpenters' songs, mainly because it is so fucking ridiculous. That's probably why it lends itself so wonderfully to the Klone treatment. Jackie's version of "Calling" has become something of a cult classic since its release with good reason. It's spine-chillingly tragic. Jackie's other stunning Carpenters' cover is "Close To You", which appeared on Klone's ultra classy "Mad About The Boy 3" compilation. "Close To You" does not reach the same craptastic heights as "Calling" but it is an enjoyable dance cover. Sit back and revel in the glorious sounds of Jackie Clune!

    You can purchase Jackie's brilliant singles and the "Mad About The Boy" compilations from Klone's website. They also turn up regularly on English Ebay.

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The Return Of Cheesy Pop Music!

    As Deirdre Halliwell's official number one fan, I feel it is my obligation to inform you that the old boiler's fabulous pop Blog, Cheesy Pop Music, is back! Deirdre has re-opened her Blog with a post about some old whore who had a couple of decent tunes in the 1980s. However, I'm sure she will soon delve into her box of tricks and pull out something suitably demented. I want some Marilyn if you've got any, my love!

    In honour of Ms Halliwell's return to the Blogosphere, I'm posting her stunning cover of Nelly Furtado's "Maneater". In true Deirdre fashion, the song has received a few minor tweaks and is now called "(I've Got A) Mangina". From what I hear, half of Scotland can verify that. I can only imagine how green with envy Nelly would be if she heard "Mangina". Deirdre's unique vocal delivery and arresting good looks create one hell of a package! Welcome back, Deirdre. You were sorely missed!

    In other news, the Deni Hines concert was fabulous. That women should be bigger than Mary J. Blige, not performing shows at the Old Boatshed in Manly! I've also been listening to the recently leaked Kylie tracks and I'm in awe. The bitch has obviously been stealing from Dannii again because the new material is beyond fabulous. "Stars" and "In My Arms" give me goosebumps. Bring on the album!

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Maroon 5 - This Love

The Remix Queen - Deborah Cox

    "The Morning After" is a terrible album full of uninspired, soulless R'n'B grooves that were probably rejected by every third rate diva in the music business before finding their way to Deborah Cox. And yet, this stinking musical turd houses two of my favourite songs. "Absolutely Not" and "Mr Lonely" are veritable gay classics. I find it truly baffling how someone can create such fabulous tunes and still be happy to dump something as tired and boring as "The Morning After" on their fans. Bizarrely, this kind of inconsistency has become something of a habit for Deborah. She can be brilliant (eg. "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" and "Same Script, Different Cast") but spends most of her time churning out complete crap. Go figure.

    That's enough negativity. Despite all of the above, I'm actually quite a fan! Deborah has an exquisite voice and a knack for working with some of the best producers and remixers in American dance music. If only she would devote an entire album to the dance floor and deliver more corkers like "Absolutely Not" and "Mr Lonely". The former is something of a theme song for the gay scene in Sydney. I seriously can't remember a night when I've gone out and not heard it. It feels like every second drag queen on Oxford Street has mouthed the classic lines "should I wear my hair in a ponytail? Should I dress myself up in Chanel?" - If any song deserves to be called a drag anthem, it is "Absolutely Not". The other decent cut from "The Morning After" is "Mr Lonely", which was fabulous in its original form but made even more delightful by Hex Hector. I've also thrown in a remix of "Up & Down", which is barely recognisable and vastly improved in its remixed form.

    You can purchase "The Morning After" from all the usual online retailers. The fabulous remixes can be found on iTunes and on Deborah's rather fierce remix album.Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Enrique Iglesias - Not in Love (feat. Kelis)

Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos

Enrique Iglesias - Escape

Martina McBride - Anyway

The Deni Is My Neighbour!

    I am living in relatively close proximity to greatness! I have been completely flustered since reading yesterday's local newspaper. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across an article about Deni Hines tucked away between riveting exposes on council elections and school fundraisers. Picture my jaw dropping to the floor after reading the first five words - "Manly Vale singer Deni Hines"! All this time I have been living less than 15 minutes away from a national treasure and was completely oblivious! I'm terrified that I've walked past Deni without falling at her feet and declaring "Frenzy" the best song ever! Maybe I'll get the chance tomorrow night. As the article explains, Deni is performing a show for the bargain price of $20. I can't wait!

    The article is pretty revealing. I think it's very brave of Deni to pour her earnings from "Dusty" into her own label. I guess that explains why there have been so many singles lifted from the album without a solitary hit. Good for her! I crowned "Water For Chocolate" my favourite album of 2006 and I stand by it. The album is a stunning achievement and deserves to be heard by everyone. I just hope it doesn't result in Deni becoming homeless in the not too distant future. If Marcia won't take her in, there's always room in my flat for the odd trashtastic diva! My favourite part of the interview is Deni stating that she's massive in Japan and could fill the Tokyo Dome. I'm not quite sure about that but I thought I would provide some evidence of Deni's Japanese stardom in the form of her Japan only single "Dream Your Dream", which is now quite rare. The song itself is a sweet and gentle anthem about doing your best and all of that uplifting crap. It's lovely!

    Remember to purchase your copy of "Water For Chocolate" from Sanity, Chaos or iTunes. See you all at The Deni's concert extravaganza!

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Cascada - Everytime We Touch

My Craving For Cher

    Sometimes I get a craving for a particular artist and overdose on their fabulousness for a matter of days or even weeks. So far this year, I've spent periods wallowing in the heavenly music of Dannii, Bette Midler, Olivia Newton-John and La Toya. At the moment, I am positively aching for 1970s Cher. More specifically, I'm gagging for Cher's unbearably fabulous foray into disco music at the end of the 70s. When it comes to Cher's disco phase, fans and critics alike are quick to praise her 1978 opus "Take Me Home". While I adore that album as much as the next self-respecting homosexual, I am stuck on its poorly received successor - the scorned and largely forgotten masterpiece that is "Prisoner".

    After the success of "Take Me Home", Casablanca Records quickly demanded more of the same and Cher was only too happy to oblige. The idea was to take the "Take Me Home" blue print and make "Prisoner" bigger, bolder and even more outrageous. In true Cher style, the album generated controversy even before its release due to the fabulous album cover which depicts a naked Cher, covered in chains. It seems that women's groups were less than impressed - fuck them! Then there was the music itself. There are several cuts that could have easily been recorded during the "Take Me Home" sessions, such is their similarity in sound. However, in one of the most bizarre single choices of all time, Cher's record company tried to cash in on the roller-disco craze with the frankly disconcerting rock-disco hybrid of "Hell On Wheels". The single is charming as a slice of 70s nostalgia but far from the best song on the album. "Hell On Wheels" is notable, however, for its stunning video clip. "Hell On Wheels" is not only one of Cher's earliest videos but is also breathtakingly fabulous. Basically, Cher roller skates along a highway in a Lycra bodysuit!! Check it out below:

    Once you've cleaned the cum off your screen, please re-focus your attention on the musical brilliance of "Prisoner"! Apart from a handful of "Take Me Home" rejects, the album is a bizarre mix of styles and influences. "Shoppin'" sounds like a demented showtune, "Boys & Girls" is a pounding rock song, the title track re-visits the traditional disco sound of "Take Me Home", while "Outrageous" could be Cher's personal theme song. As wonderful as these tunes are, my favourite cuts remain "Holdin' Out For Love" and "Holy Smoke". The former is an insidiously catchy pop ditty, while "Holy Smoke" is one of Cher's most fabulous disco moments and contains the classic line - "If I say go on and shove it, the media will love it! Holy smoke!"

    "Prisoner" is readily available from online retailers. Try Amazon or iTunes. Better yet, purchase the budget Casablanca Years compilation which combines "Prisoner" and "Take Me Home" on the one CD. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted!

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Rebekah K - Fabulous No Hit Wonder!

    My weekend was a complete fucking disaster. Some of the highlights include my boss calling an unscheduled 3 hour meeting at 6pm on Friday night, having my La Toya fan fiction banned from her forum due to a harmless passage involving La Toya going down on Celine Dion and vomiting on myself in the toilets of a popular gay nightclub on Saturday night. I've spent today nursing the hangover from hell, watching re-runs of Dallas (I am Sue Ellen!) and listening to the crappiest songs in my collection in a not completely vain attempt at cheering myself up. I found a box of old CD singles hidden away in a cupboard and one of the many hidden "treasures" I salvaged was Rebekah K's "Be My Baby".

    I can only vaguely remember the release of "Be My Baby" in 2002. I can't tell you very much about Rebekah. As far as I know she only released 2 singles, both of which flopped spectacularly. The last I heard, she was performing as the opening act for one of the Australian Idol rejects last year, so I assume she is still in the music business. I wish her all the best because Rebekah K is all kinds of fabulous. "Be My Baby" is a pleasantly manufactured slice of bubblegum pop. The song is credited to the unlikely duo of Lenny Kravitz and Gerry DeVeaux (see the Marcia Vs Ultra Nate post below) but surely that is some kind of misprint. Since when has Lenny Kravitz been churning out gay pop anthems? "Be My Baby" is harmless fun but the B-side is the real jewel.

    "Fire Engine" is one of the cutest pop songs ever to end up as a B-side for a floptastic diva. It reminds me of the Teen Queens' retro-pop without feeling quite as laboured. I was most amused to learn that the song was written by tragic pop diva Toni Pearen! I guess that explains why the song contains some of the most ridiculous lyrics ever recorded. To my ears, "Fire Engine" is a slice of heaven. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Sadly, Rebekah K's stunning anthems are yet to appear on iTunes. You best bet is to have a look on Australian E-bay. Rebekah's website is still functional but hasn't been updated for some time.Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Fall Out Boy - Thnks fr th Mmrs

Elliott Yamin - Wait for You

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down

Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away

Dame Shirley's Record Breaking Hit

    I was greatly dismayed by Blogland's apparent indifference to Dame Shirley Bassey's latest release. "The Living Tree" is not only Shirley's best single since "History Repeating" and camper than Julian Clary at a Kylie concert but the song also marks Shirley's 50th anniversary in the UK singles chart and gives her the record of the longest span of top 40 hits. It is truly astonishing to think that Shirley was a chart regular way back in the 1950s!

    "The Living Tree" desperately tries to sound like a Bond anthem and, to a significant extent, it succeeds. There is nothing subtle about this little tune - everything is BIG, from Shirley's voice to the musical accompaniment. The track is a treat in its original state but I love a remix and the great woman doesn't disappoint. The single contains 6 remixes and 2 versions of the video clip! My favourite is the Superbass Vocal Mix, which is a slice of heaven for the discerning homosexual.

    You can purchase the single from any UK online retailer (try Amazon or HMV) or download it directly from Dame Shirley's fabulous website.

    Dannii fans: Please note that I have updated Dannii's Dirty Box with a truly craptastic cover of "This Is It"!Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Bo Bice - The Real Thing

Rascal Flatts - What Hurts the Most

Marcia Vs Ultra Nate

    I love Marcia Hines almost as much as I love cock. So I was naturally rather pleased when it was announced that Marcia would be inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame this year. I can't think of a more deserving recipient, Marcia has been churning out hits since the 1970s and she's still as fabulous as ever. I've been meaning to cover some of Marcia's pre-Australian Idol material for some time now. Strangely, I was inspired to finally pull my finger out by a completely different artist - the divine Ultra Nate. Ms Nate is one of the few bright stars on the dull American dance scene. I've been an admirer for years but her latest album has converted me into a fully fledged fan. As such, I've been going through her older work and fell in love with her version of Marcia's "Time Of Our Lives". Naturally, I had to re-visit Marcia's rendition and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it holds up, almost a decade later.

    "Time Of Our Lives" was one of many attempts to kick start Marcia's career in the late 90s. The song became Marcia's highest charting single since the 1980s and revitalised her standing as a legendary pop diva. Marcia furiously promoted "Time Of Our Lives" to the gay community and I can still remember her performing it with a gaggle of drag queens in a nightclub. The song quickly became a fan favourite with good reason - as far as uplifting anthems go, "Time Of Our Lives" is hard to top. The song just exudes joy and fun with every beat. It was always going to be hard to follow in Marcia's footsteps but Ultra Nate's version is just as fabulous. Ultra's version is actually credited to DeVoted, which was a collaboration between Ultra Nate and Gerry DeVeaux - who just happens to be the man who wrote the song in the first place! Gerry must have thought that "Time Of Our Lives" still had potential and he was right. The update is a fabulous slice of bright and shiny dance music.

    So, who wins this diva face-off? Marcia gets my vote because of the fun memories attached to her version but it's very close. Make up your own mind!

    Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Paul Parker - My Kind Of Fag!

    It's always exciting to see gay men strike it big in the music industry. Regardless of my opinion of their music, I'm glad that the likes of Jake Shears, Rufus Wainwright and Will Young are contributing some kind of queer energy to the mainstream. However, it slightly annoys me that I find today's celebrity fags so completely and utterly repellent. I hold a lot of admiration for George Michael, Boy George and Pete Burns but they are older than Jesus by now in gay years. It would be nice to connect with a contemporary gay idol for a change but I just find the pop poofs of yesteryear infinitely preferable. Who could be bothered with an ugly cunt like Mika, for example, when you could be listening to the sheer brilliance of Paul Parker?

    Paul Parker is club royalty whose pioneering role in the early 1980s dance scene has all but been forgotten. As a native of San Fransisco, Paul Parker was at the forefront of American Hi-NRG music along with fellow legends, Patrick Cowley and Sylvester. Hits like "Right On Target" and "Shot In The Night" are generally considered to be classics of the Hi-NRG genre and helped to make Paul an enduring gay icon. Although, his fabulous image - leather pants, handlebar moustache, omnipresent motorbike - definitely had something to do with it! Paul is, quite simply, my kind of fag. He's a survivor of the 1980s AIDS crisis, who has never been frightened out of the disco. Other queens have moved on but Paul is still a slave to the beat and I respect that. I also imagine he smells of stale beer and boot polish - which is a bit of a turn on!

    It seems unfair to introduce Paul with his Klone material. I am Klone's #1 fan but they clearly specialise in one thing - tragic dance music. I'm obviously partial to Klone's output but those with slightly more highbrow leanings might want to check out Paul's early material before writing him off as yet another Klone embarrassment. As far as I know, Paul is still churning out his unique brand of addictive dance music. If anyone has more information on Paul's current activities, please let us know! Paul's early vinyl material, with its fantastic cover art, is now very collectible. However, CD copies can be found at Amazon and regularly turn up on Ebay.

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Vanessa Hudgens - Come Back to Me

Before And After - Erica Baxter

    Erica Baxter finally released her debut album last week. I haven't listened to all of "Through My Eyes" yet, but what I have heard is pleasant enough. Not that anyone will give the album a fair chance. As the fiance of Australia's richest man, Erica is generally viewed as a trophy wife, who irritatingly refuses to give up her dream of a music career. Personally, I couldn't care less about Erica's finances. Believe me, I would also be riding the nearest multi-billionaire given half a chance! What I do object to is the dreary nature of her music. Particularly, when I know Erica is capable of so much better.

    Erica first came to prominence as a model. She quickly gained something of a reputation as a social butterfly and never failed to feature on the social pages - usually stumbling out of a nightclub on the arm of someone rich and famous. Basically, I thought she was the epitome of all things fabulous. Even her romance with Jason Donovan couldn't dent my admiration! It was during this time that Erica made her first tentative steps into the world of music and the result was truly astounding. As the guest vocalist for dance outfit 040, Erica helped produce one of my favourite dance singles of the early naughties. "Dreams" is a trashy delight, with Erica's reed thin vocals resting perfectly against the moody trance music. I especially love the tacky lyrics with fabulous lines like "let your love rain down on me and I will make your dreams reality"! The song is an underrated and under appreciated gem that deserved a much better response. Unfortunately, that was the extent of Erica's pop career until last year.

    Since dating James Packer, things have really changed for Erica. Instead of falling out of taxis and flashing her tits to photographers, she has turned into an immaculately groomed Stepford wife. I love a rich bitch as much as the next queen but Erica has really lost her edge. Since embracing Scientology, Erica's latest claim to fame is joining Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their honeymoon cruise on Mr Packer's luxury yacht. The mind boggles. It would seem only fitting that the new Erica would re-launch her music career with a new sound. I just never believed that she could stoop so low as to commission a song from the music world's most pointless cunt, horse-faced NaTRASHa Bedingfield. Thankfully, "I Spy" is not as offensive as it could have been thanks to some catchy production and a glamorous video clip. The self-penned B-sides are nice enough and more representative of the music on her album but I can't help but find the entire project disappointing. Erica should realise that no one is going to take her seriously as a singer-songwriter. However, as a vision of loveliness with an inoffensive voice, she has the potential to be join the Minogues as one of Australia's leading pop tarts. Hopefully, her next album will be lighter on credibility and heavier on the entertainment factor.

    If "I Spy" appeals to you, you can purchase "Through My Eyes" from Sanity, Chaos and iTunes.

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Augustana - Boston

KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See

Emmanuel Carella's Silk Purse

    There's an old adage that states you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Normally, I would agree. Shit usually remains just that no matter how pretty the wrapping. However, there are exceptions and the Planet J remix of Emmanuel Carella's "2Beautiful" is one of them. I've been inspired to post "2Beautiful" by a conversation I recently had about the best Australian pop songs of this decade. After naming the usual anthems by Kylie, Holidannii, Melissa, Marcia, The Deni and Paulini - I thought of this song. From the reaction, you would be forgiven for thinking I had mentioned something by Wolfmother. I've never seen so many heavily botoxed brows rise so quickly!

    I understand the response. Emmanuel Carella was briefly hyped as the next big thing in 2003. He was marketed to teenage girls despite the fact that his output falls more comfortably into the guitar driven, singer-songwriter musical abyss. In retrospect, Emmanuel was simply ahead of his time. There is very little difference between the music Emmanuel was making 4 years ago and the kind of crap being churned out today by the likes of Teddy Geiger and Jesse McCartney. Emmanuel initially had quite a bit of success. He hit the top ten with his second single, "Don't Say A Word", but that song had nothing on Emmanuel's debut release. Emmanuel launched his career with "2Beautiful", which was a moderate hit and became a radio staple. The song is an inoffensive slice of guitar pop in its original state. However, the masterminds behind the Planet J remix have turned it into something extraordinary. The remix transforms "2Beautiful" into a trashy, pop delight that strips the artist and song of all credibility in one fell swoop! I obviously love the song beyond all reason but make up your own mind.

    Emmanuel's self-titled debut album can be purchased from iTunes and turns up regularly on Australian Ebay.Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Double The Dolly!

    Moving from the truly ridiculous to the utterly sublime, I thought I would focus on one of the year's best releases. I spend so much time bitching about incompetent record companies, it seems only fair to applaud one that has actually listened to fans and produced a great package for a very reasonable price. I'm talking about RCA's decision to re-release a bunch of rare Dolly Parton albums as double CDs. The selection is fantastic and the CDs are a godsend for fans who have been relying on ancient vinyl copies. All three double CDs are worth purchasing but my favourite is the almost unbearably fabulous duo of pop albums, "Great Balls Of Fire" and "Dolly, Dolly, Dolly".

    I love just about everything that Dolly has recorded in her long and varied career but Ms Parton's pop/disco phase is by far my favourite. While Dolly experimented with pop music, she never really left her country sound behind. This makes her material from the late 70s and early 80s a truly delightful musical hybrid. It's a little bit pop, a little bit country, a tad disco and totally fabulous! The best example of this unique musical hybrid is perhaps Dolly's "Heartbreaker" album. However, "Great Balls Of Fire" is not too far behind. The album is as consistently excellent as it is varied. Dolly gives Jerry Lee Lewis a disco tinged makeover but pares back The Beatles for a wonderful cover of "Help!". There are a couple of great upbeat numbers, notably the diva anthem "Star Of The Show", and some of Dolly's finest ballads. "Do You Think That Time Stands Still" and "You're The Only One" are exquisite cuts that hold up as some of Dolly's finest recordings.

    While "Great Balls Of Fire" was deemed a success by record buyers and most critics, its follow-up "Dolly, Dolly, Dolly" was panned by just about everyone except her most ardent fans. "Dolly, Dolly, Dolly" does not live up to the greatness of "Great Balls Of Fire" but it is a completely enjoyable listening experience and I'm thrilled to finally own it on CD. The album is probably best known for the Donna Summer penned hit "Starting Over Again", which is a sappy delight. Left to anyone else, the song would be completely unbearable. Yet in Dolly's capable hands, "Starting Over Again" is tender and heartbreaking - if you ignore the Humpty Dumpty lyric! The album continues with a succession of mid-tempo pop songs, all of which seem to focus on heartache. My favourites are "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You", "Say Goodnight" and "Sweet Agony". Rock & Roll Dolly unexpectedly emerges for the final track, with the awesome "Packin' It Up". Self-respecting drag queens across the globe should be incorporating this into their acts!

    The Dolly double albums were first released in Germany but are now readily available in Europe and the US. Typically, Dolly's Australian record company is yet to pull its finger out. But who cares when Amazon UK is currently selling "Great Balls Of Fire/Dolly, Dolly Dolly" for the bargain price of 5.97 pounds?! You can also order the album from German Amazon and American Amazon.

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P. Diddy - Last Night (feat. Keyshia Cole)

Pink - U + Ur Hand

    "U + Ur Hand" is the third single released from Pink's fourth album, I'm Not Dead (2006). The music video premiered in the United States on MTV's Total Request Live on September 29, 2006 and reached number one on TRL six days after its debut, her second video to reach the top on the countdown after the video for her 2003 single "Trouble".

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Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold

Pop Trash Heaven

    The Jacob Sisters' cover of "Your Disco Needs You" makes me want to delete Pop Trash Addicts and open a new Blog about naked gardening or one of my other hobbies. For this recording is surely the holy grail of pop trash. How will I ever top a group of poodle carrying, 70 year old German grannies covering Kylie's legendary gay anthem in heavily accented English? It's disconcerting and yet strangely satisfying to know that I have officially scraped the bottom of the musical barrel and still managed to wholeheartedly enjoy the experience!

    The wonderfully glamorous Jacob Sisters have previously appeared on Pop Trash Addicts with their German language cover of "Stop! In The Name Of Love" from the 1960s. It is quite astonishing that the "girls" are still churning out craptastic cover versions of popular hits more than 40 years later. In fact, the history of The Jacob Sisters is very intriguing. Hannelore, Rosi, Johanna and Eva Jacob defected from East Germany in 1959 and quickly became singing stars in the West after acquiring four toy poodles as their trademark. In the early days, The Jacob Sisters concentrated on traditional German music before being discovered and taken to America to perform in New York and Las Vegas. It was there that they broadened their repertoire and started covering English and other foreign language hits in German. The ladies even made a highly acclaimed film in 1971 called "Quartett im Bett" ("Quartet In Bed") - which sounds a bit raunchy to me! These sexy goddesses then jumped on the Neue Deutsche Welle bandwagon in the 80s and embraced dance music in the 90s. I guess the only thing left for these living legends to do in the new millennium was to cover Kylie!

    The Jacob Sisters' interpretation of "Your Disco Needs You" defies description. I'm convinced the ladies have no idea what the hell they are singing and the poor pronunciation only makes the song more bewildering. Kylie must be proud! You can find this trashtastic gem and 19 other slices of Jacob Sisters' magic on their greatest hits compilation "50 Jahre Die Jacob Sisters", available from German Amazon. Many thanks to Magical Froggy for his stunning "Your Disco Needs You" mock cover.

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Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory

Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer

Pussycat Dolls - Sway

Pussycat Dolls - Beep (feat. will.i.am)

Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous (feat. Timbaland)

RAEN - Australia's Forgotten Girlband?

    RAEN is surely Australia's lowest profile girlband. I have no idea why, because the girls are extremely fabulous and just as worthy of devotion as Young Divas, Girlband, Girlfriend and Slinkee Minx. RAEN released their debut single in October last year to crushing silence. The band made a couple of television appearances and performed regular live gigs but "Get Right Back" disappeared without a trace, which is a major travesty because the song is brilliant. "Get Right Back" is a gloriously camp cover of "Right Back Where We Started From" and plays like The Corrs doing disco on amphetamines. The music is 100% Hi-NRG and the vocal harmonies are delightful.

    So, who are the lovely ladies behind RAEN? Unlike Young Divas and Girlband, RAEN were not thrown together by record executives as a marketing exercise. Rachel, Amanda, Emily and Natalie (RAEN - get it?) are old friends, who have been singing together since childhood. I think that really comes through in their gorgeous harmonies and their songwriting - their self-penned B-side, "Break Me", is great! The girls have been busily performing live since the release of their first single and according to their rather swish website, their debut album is set for release this year.

    RAEN will be performing in Toronto and New York in the next couple of weeks, so check them out if you live nearby. Support RAEN by purchasing "Get Right Back" from Chaos or iTunes. The single has several cool remixes and a great B-side. Make sure to also check out the video clip and watch the ladies perform at the Midnight Shift with some fierce Asian gay boys!

    This post is dedicated to the Queen of girlband fans - Robpop!Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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Ne-Yo - Because of You

The Return Of Girlband

    Those tragic bitches from Girlband are back and, surprisingly, their latest single isn't that terrible at all! In fact, "Electric" is actually rather fabulous. For those (ie. most of the nation) who missed the (still-)birth of Girlband last year, they were the result of a brief reality series that ran on Channel Ten. Patrice, Jessica, Renee Armstrong and Renee Bargh were thrown together to form a girlband and then filmed recording their first single, the stunningly awful "Party Girl". Given the quality of "Party Girl", a #43 chart placing isn't really that bad. However, I suspect that would have been the end of Girlband if the Young Divas' debut album hadn't surprised everyone by remaining in the top 10 over the busy Christmas sales period. Sony have obviously realised that pop can still be profitable and thus poured significantly more money and effort into this single.

    "Electric" is a staggering improvement on "Party Girl". This is a pumping electro anthem which should be dragging poofs to the dancefloor for months to come! The new club sound suits the band and their vocals are as impressive as ever. I've only heard "Electric" on the radio a couple of times, so it will be interesting to see how the single performs on the charts. Hopefully Girlband can emulate some of the Young Divas' success. I'd love to see a pop revival in Australia. I've uploaded the album version of "Electric", which is slightly different to the excellent radio edit. I'm so excited that there will actually be an album! The release date is still a mystery but the title is apparently going to be "Coming Out Fighting".

    If you like what you hear, you can purchase the single from Chaos, Sanity or iTunes. The single includes a couple of fierce Kam Denny remixes and Girlband's contribution to "Songs Of Hope & Journey", an interesting cover of "By Your Side". The girls also have a glamorous new website, which is worth checking out.Source URL: http://popmusicrecords.blogspot.com/2007/05/
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