New Laura Imbruglia!

    By now you're probably used to my Laura Imbruglia obsession. I have reviewed both EPs, ranked her debut album the 5th best of 2007 (in retrospect, she was robbed) and named her sophomore effort the second-best offering of 2010. I've even waxed lyrical about her stunning Microsoft Paint wizardry! Then there was the time I got drunk and wrote the counter-culture icon a long email, explaining that we were destined to be best friends because I've also worked with gay vegans, love The Carpenters and dream about white goods. Shockingly, she never replied but I'm sure it's on her to-do list. Anyway, my future boo is back with the lead single from album number three and it's a triumph. "Why'd You Have To Kiss Me So Hard" is probably Laura's most commercial track since "Looking For A Rabbit" and I have high hopes this will extend her fanbase beyond me and the five depressed lesbians I see at every show. It took a couple of listens to get into but the chorus has well and truly wormed its way into my head. I love the song's simplicity and think the avalanche of guitars will help the thinking man's Imbruglia grab a slice of the JJJ pie. Download "Why'd You Have To Kiss Me So Hard" from iTunes now. You won't regret it!

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