Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me

Katy Perry - Firework

    "Firework" is the third single by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry from her second mainstream studio album, Teenage Dream. The song received generally positive reviews and has reached number five on the UK Single Chart. Perry first performed the song on the Late Show with David Letterman on 24 August 2010. On 17 October 2010, she performed the song on the The X Factor in the United Kingdom.Source URL:
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Blondie - Heart of Glass

Ke$ha's Cannibal - My Psychic Review

    The tracklist for Ke$ha's "Cannibal" has finally hit the net and the song titles alone have sent the blood rushing to my man parts. I'm convinced the holy pop icon/genre defining musical maverick has the album of the year on her hands. "We R Who We R" is already a #1 smash on US iTunes and the just leaked "Sleazy" showcases Ke$ha's incomparable versatility. There hasn't been a move this unexpected since Paris revived reggae with "Stars Are Blind"! The anticipation is killing me. So instead of waiting until the 22nd of November to review the legendary diva's sure to be stunning opus, I thought I'd do it now. Sure, I've only heard three tracks but I'm not going to let a minor detail like that rain on my parade. So after dusting off my crystal ball, consulting my tarot cards and dialling mystic Meg - here is my pre-release review of "Cannibal":

    1. Cannibal

    The opening track is bound to be a generation defining anthem. Ke$ha is known for her subtle, ambiguous lyrics - so this could be about anything but the spirits are telling me it's a metaphor for reinvention set to a hard electro background with a spine tingling chorus. Think Lady Gaga's "Monster" - only 100 times better.

    2. We R Who We R

    Ke$ha's stunning commentary on gay suicide has already been widely acknowledged as a modern classic and should sweep next year's Grammy awards. There's not a lot to say apart from your faves could never!

    3. Sleazy

    I have to admit this Bangladesh produced jam tested my faith in our Queen. Under normal circumstances, I'd suggest Ke$ha leave the urban club bangers for true hood divas like Jessica Mauboy and Willow Smith but after three or four listens I was completely hooked. "Sleazy" (bottom of post) is the hip hop song of the year. This inspiring anthem will provide solace to reformed gold diggers everywhere, while the lyric "beats so phat gonna make me cum" will live on forever. Amazing.

    4. Blow

    Hmmm, the cards tell me Ke$ha has penned a tune about snorting coke from a toilet seat while being fucked from behind. Either that or it's an alt-country ballad about inflating balloons. You decide.

    5. The Harold Song

    Obviously a touching tribute to Ian Smith from Neighbours.

    6. Crazy Beautiful Life

    I'm thinking a cover of Seal's "Crazy" mashed with the Ace of Base classic "Beautiful Life".

    7. Grow A Pear

    The lazy interpretation of this title is another song about a bad boyfriend who needs to grow a pair of balls and be a man. But that's too obvious for one of the sharpest minds of our times. Rather, I suspect Ke$ha's has written a song about organic farming in a bid to singlehandedly stop global warming. Grow a pear, people!

    8. C U Next Tuesday

    Originally titled "C.U.N.T.", this song has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now. I'm glad she finally included it on "Cannibal" because it's always been one of my faves - and the closest Ke$ha will probably ever get to a cute, low key semi-acoustic ballad.

    9. Animal (Billboard Remix)

    The title track of her glorious debut really should have been a single, so I'm glad to see it getting some love here. I'm hoping for a cheesy Almighty/Bimbo Jones-esque remix but knowing how Ke$ha likes to keep things dark and dirty, it will probably sound like a Marilyn Manson track from the 90s.


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Eva - Ke$ha Approved Newcomer

    So Eva is a new American pop diva with really bad taste in heels if the cover of "Not My Daddy" is any indication (above). Usually that alone would be enough for me to feature her on the blog but what makes her even more amazing is the co-writer of her official debut single. I know it's hard to believe but Queen Ke$ha took time away from revolutionising pop music as we know it to pen this stunning anthem. Either that or Eva found it rotting in a bin outside Ke$ha's mansion but I digress. "Not My Daddy" is big, dumb fun. The song sounds like a B-side from "Animal" - yes, it's that good! - only slightly more bubblegum and considerably less in your face. Which isn't surprising given that Eva cites Britney Spears at her "Oops!...I Did It Again" peak (LOL) as her inspiration. But I won't hold that sad fact against her. Give the track a listen and check out this brief behind the scenes clip from her soon to be released video. I love her already!

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Watch Latest Hollywood Movie The Diary 1999 Full Movie Free

Pras - Ghetto Superstar (feat. Mya & Ol' Dirty Bastard)

Beyoncé & The CD/DVD of 2010

    Beyoncé's "I Am" tour was literally a life changing experience for me. I can still remember every second of it including the dodgy hot dog I ate before the show and the land speed record I set running to the bathroom between "Me, Myself & I" and "Ego". Beyoncé had always been a favourite of mine but I walked out of Acer Arena a total convert to the Dereon dressed deity. Her voice, talent and incomparable beauty took my breath away. You can read my review here. Well, after Sony vehemently denying the concert would ever be released, "I Am... World Tour" will finally hit shelves on the 30th of November - just in time for Christmas. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! If that's not exciting enough, the tour is also being released as a live CD (above) and the DVD is rumoured to include a compilation of performances from around the world, allowing fans to see footage of the show they attended. Amazing. Here is the set list. I can not wait to re-live the glory of the best concert I have ever seen!

    1. I Am… (Instrumental introduction)
    2. Déjà Vu (Tour Skit)
    3. Crazy In Love (Special appearance Jay- Z)
    4. Naughty Girl
    5. Freakum Dress
    6. Get Me Bodied
    7. Get Me Bodied Extended Mix (Dance Interlude)
    8. Smash Into You
    9. Ave Maria
    10. Broken-Hearted Girl
    11. If I Were a Boy Outtakes (Video Interlude)
    12. If I Were a Boy/You Oughta Know
    13. Fierce Cheetah Diva (Video Interlude)
    14. Diva
    15. Beyoncé’s Radio
    16. Radio
    17. Me, Myself and I
    18. Ego (featuring Kanye West)
    19. Hello
    20. Divinty Roxx Bass Jam/The Mama’s Medley

    21. Heads or Tails (Video Interlude)
    22. Sasha Prevails (Instrumental Interlude)
    23. Baby Boy
    24. Irreplaceable
    25. Sweet Dreams
    26. Check on It
    27. Bootylicious
    28. Bug A Boo
    29. Jumpin’ Jumpin’
    30. Upgrade U
    31. Video Phone
    32. Say My Name
    33. The History of Destiny’s Child
    34. Survivor (Video Interlude)
    35. At Last
    36. Listen
    37. Scared Of Lonely
    38. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Video Interlude)
    39. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
    40. Halo
    41. Outro
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Kylie, Nelly & Shakira In A Car Park

    Seriously, I'm away from the computer for 24 hours and all my faves decide to get busy. I don't know how the professional bloggers keep up! First diva off the rank is Kylie. Just when I was starting to feel hopeful for her chart prospects again after hearing "Higher", the cover for the third single from "Aphrodite" appears online (above). It looks like we're stuck with "Better Than Today". Why are they even bothering with this boring flop? I hate the cover. Kylie's face looks so severe and it sounds like a Scissor Sisters B-side from 2003. Jake & Co can't even give their music away these days - I doubt Kylie's going to do much better. The frustrating thing is that she's sitting on two or three big hits. Remix "Put Your Hands Up" to sound a little less cute and you've got a top 10 hit or unleash "Cupid Boy" and reclaim the clubs. Whatever. I'm over it. Someone wake me when the re-release is ready! In the meantime I'm going to watch this glamorous Dancing With The Stars performance on repeat. Kylie's body is rocking and I love that horse hair wig. Dannii must be so jealous that Kylie is now the pretty Minogue!

    I posted Nelly Furtado's new single a couple of days ago and no one seemed to care. Which is pretty reflective of its (non-existent) chart position! Oh well, fuck you all. I still love her! Anyway, the Canadian pop diva's Spanish remix album has just been released - in Europe - and I'm counting down the days until my incredibly overpriced copy arrives in the post. Admittedly, I have most of the remixes already but the cover is pretty (below) and I'd pay 16 Euros for the Robbie Rivera mix of "Maons Al Aire" alone. Here's the tracklist:

    1. Fuerte (Original English Version)
    2. Manos Al Aire (Robbie Rivera Radio Mix)
    3. Mas (Feat. Tony Dize) (Urban Remix)
    4. Bajo Otra Luz (Humby Remix)
    5. Fuerte (Twisted Dee Club Remix)
    6. Manos Al Aire (Juan Magan Remix)
    7. Mas (Rebirth Demolition Crew Mix)
    8. Bajo Otra Luz (Dancehall Yogi Remix)
    9. Fuerte (Humby Urban Club Mix)
    10. Manos Al Aire (Tiesto Remix)
    11. Bajo Otra Luz (Rebirth Demolition Mix)
    12. Fuerte (Cajjmere Wray Hot Sweat Mix)

    Last but most definitely not least is Shakira. I'm seriously obsessed with this woman. "Sale El Sol" is already one of my favourite albums of 2010 and I'm contemplating flying to the other side of the world to catch her in concert. If I totally lose my mind and decide to go, the bitch had better pull this stunt again. After a concert in America, she decided to take the party to the carpark and sing "Loca" on top of a car - Avril Lavigne "Sk8r Boi" style. I'm sure it was a well rehearsed grab for publicity but I couldn't give a shit. This performance (below) basically sums up everything I love about Shakira. She's wild, raw and more than a little bit nuts. Stay tuned for my "Sale El Sol" review in the near future. It really is well worth hunting down. Just don't hold your breath waiting for Sony Australia to release it.

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B.o.B. - Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)

Ja Rule - Wonderful (feat. R. Kelly, Ashanti)

Watch Hollywood Movie Secret Games 3 (1994) Free Online HQ

    Title : Secret Games 3 (1994)
    Starring : Woody Brown, Rochelle Swanson, Hollie L. Hummel, Dean Scofield
    Category : English Movie
    Gener : Drama , Thriller

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Kanye West - Runaway (feat. Pusha T)

La Roux - In for the Kill

    "In for the Kill" is the second single by English electropop duo La Roux from their debut album, La Roux, released in the United Kingdom on 16 March 2009. The song peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart. It was also featured on the closing credits of "Hair", the sixth episode of the seventh season of the HBO series Entourage.Source URL:
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Kimberley Cole - Smack You

    Why isn't every blog on the net raving about Kimberley Cole's latest masterpiece? "Smack You" blows the pretenders out of the water with its amazing lyrics ("I'm gonna kick you right between the hips, 'cause you're such a catty bitch") and fabulous Lady Gaga on a budget production values. And that's not even touching on the 5 minute "Kill Bill" inspired video (video), which finds Kimmy beating the shit out of her lover's mistress after the ho has the audacity to say "I fucked yo man" over a friendly game of cards. The rudeness! To be honest I don't know that much about Kim. I have a feeling she's one of those internet sensations that have millions of followers on Twitter but no real career to speak of. However, that should all change very soon because this kind of talent can't be denied! A case in point is the song's lofty #32 position on the US club chart. Watch out, dance divas - there's a new girl on the block and she's not afraid to fight dirty! "Smack You" and its remix package are available to download now from iTunes.

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Katharine McPhee - Terrified (feat. Zachary Levi)

The Script - We Cry

    "We Cry" is the lead single by Irish band The Script from their self-titled debut album, released on 25 April 2008. The song has received a large amount of publicity, airplay and interest with BBC Radio 1 heavily backing the band. It peaked at #15 on the UK Singles Chart.Source URL:
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Korean Diva Copies Kylie

    Poor Ami Suzuki must be shaking in her stilettos. And, no. Avex hasn't kicked her to the curb - yet- for having more flops fan releases than Dannii. Rather, her cherished reputation as Asia's biggest Kylie copycat is under fire. The culprit that dares to fuck with the legendary Miss Suzuki? A newcomer from Korea called NS Yoon Ji (or NS 윤지 if you want to be fancy). As much as I want to hate this hot bitch for cutting Ami's grass, I can't. Stealing from Kylie is a sure sign of exquisite taste and her song is genuinely amazing. But before I get on to that - let's get the Minogue thievery out of the way. "X" must have left a lasting impression in Asia because the video concepts for "Wow" and "In My Arms" keep on getting recycled. NS Yoon Ji clearly believes that more is more and rips off both. The neon glow sticks and white wig (at approximately 35 seconds) are more than a little familiar, while the boxes that appear around the 1:10 minute mark will have you asking yourself - how do you describe a feeling?

    Ok, so the video is less authentic than the Louis Vuitton purse you bought your least favourite aunt in China Town for $15 but that doesn't mean it's bad. Unlike the handbag. For starters, Ms Ji actually looks hot in that damn wig and dances up a storm with moves not seen since BoA's "Eat You Up" video. Extra points for paying homage to Dannii by re-enacting the telephone scene from "All I Wanna Do". You just know Ami is kicking herself for not ripping that off first! The song itself is a revelation. I haven't been this taken with a K-pop anthem since Mina released her last flop. "Dance" is a vocodered explosion of pop perfection. I love the catchy chorus and fierce production. However, the rap almost steals the show. "Shake it like a tambourine" is my new favourite saying! So where can you get NS Yoon Ji's modern classic? It's on her album (looks more like an EP to me) called "Time To Fly High". I'm not sure where to order a physical copy - I plan to ask random Koreans on the street - but it's pretty easy to find online. I think I have a new obsession...

    Source URL:
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Kylie & Taio Cruz - Higher

    I have a sickness for Taio Cruz. His songs all sound the same and he's only slightly less derivative than Jason Derulo (another favourite of mine) but I haven't stopped playing his album all year. Speaking of "Rokstarr", one of the highlights of that stunning opus has just been recycled into a duet with Kylie. The new and improved version of "Higher" leaked late last week and any hesitations I had about this most unlikely of collaborations disappeared instantly. Unlike the vast majority of "Aphrodite", I can actually imagine this on Australian radio. Taio is so hot right now and hopefully some of that popularity will rub off on Kylie. Don't worry - this isn't a re-repeat of the Ludacris version of "Chocolate" (even though I secretly love that hot mess!) - "Higher" is a dance track and is a surprisingly good fit for the elderly Minogue's voice. I'm particularly glad she gets the best line in the song: "I got this high without taking a pill". Scandal! Only one question remains. What is this actually for? The latest re-release of "Rokstarr" or the planned re-release of "Aphrodite"? I just hope Parlo and/or Warner have to sense to release "Higher" as a single over the three and a half minute cure for insomnia otherwise known as "Better Than Today". On past performance, I won't be holding my breath.

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Britney Spears - I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Sean Garrett - Get It All (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Dave Audé Interview

    Dave Audé is a dance music legend. If you've ever set foot in a nightclub, chances are you've heard one of his original tunes or killer remixes. Since his arrival on the dance scene in the early 90s, Dave has developed a reputation as the go to guy for all the big names - having remixed massive club hits for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney, Ke$ha and even my homegirl Deni Hines! America's hottest DJ is also an extremely successful artist in his own right. His recent collaboration with Luciana ("Figure It Out") was a #1 club smash and I'm told there could be a follow up on the way. Dave was kind enough to talk to me about all of these accomplishments in a recent interview. He also fill me in on his future plans and gave some interesting insights into his work. Here's what Mr Audé had to say:

    Dave, most pop fans probably know you from your remixes. How did you get involved in that side of production?
    Fell into it really. Remixing is really producing, isn't it? In 1995 I was making a lot of records for electronic artists/djs and Reprise Records called me to remix Bare Naked Ladies "One Week". I loved remixing and taking the song in a new direction and my love of remixing was born.

    How do you explain your unprecedented success on the US dance chart? I heard that you’ve remixed over 40 chart toppers!
    65 as of last week! lol. I work very hard, I deliver solid mixes consistently and I'm able to make mixes that appeal to different types of listeners - pop, dance, straight, gay, radio, underground, etc etc. I've done so many remixes at this point that people hire me because they know they are gonna get something that the artist will like as well.

    You must get asked this all the time but do you have a favourite mix or one that’s special for a certain reason. I’ll never get tired of your “Halo” remix. It’s so beautiful.
    That's like asking a parent who their favorite child is. Every song is different. Some projects are special because of the artist (Beyoncé, Gaga, Britney, U2, Madonna). Some projects are special because of the song (Plumb "Hang On", Alexis Jordan "Happiness", La Roux "Bulletproof") but really when I'm working, every song is special at least for the moment, it's only later when I go back and listen do I know if the song has any lasting effects.....

    All the big names have you on speed dial. Does it ever sink in that you’re helping to create the sound of superstars like Beyoncé, Madonna and Kaci Battaglia?
    It does and I'm very, very lucky. I'm not sure if the artists appreciate me as much as the labels or listeners but I'd like to think so.

    In addition to the A Listers, you also remix a lot of smaller acts. How does someone like Carmen Reece hook up with you? Your mix of “Raindrop” is one of my favourite songs of the year!
    I treat every project the same whether it's Gaga or Carmen Reece and I try and leave opportunities open to work on independent artist mixes because you never know who the next A Listers are gonna be....

    Do you ever hear a song and think - damn, that’s complete shit? If so, do you turn the mix down or try to do the best with what you’ve got?
    If the vocal is complete shit, I won't do it. Most of the time I'm working on a song where I think the original track is complete shit so it's fun and compelling for me to turn it into something better.

    You’re also an extremely accomplished artist in your own right. Will you be concentrating on your own music more in the future?
    I would like to say that's my goal, but it's hard balancing my stuff and the wave of work I have to sort through. I've never really been keen on promoting "Dave Audé", I'd rather promote another artist and be the guy behind the scenes.

    Well, that might change with the success of your recent #1 club smash “Figure It Out”. It’s such a hot track - are you going to film a video and push it to radio? I think it’s a hit.
    Thinking about that right now. Sometimes you just gotta let song do what they do on their own.

    Isha Coco is actually UK dance legend Luciana. How did the collaboration come about and was it your idea for her to try such a different vocal style?
    She is a HUGE talent as you know and I think that the Isha Coco sound is actually Luciana, it's just not what she's famous for. She has so much talent and has written so many great pop songs. I'm excited for the world to hear some different sides to her!!!

    I hear you guys are working on another track together. Is it for her EP with Interscope or a track for Audacious records? Can you tell us a bit about it.
    She is signed to Interscope so we are concentrating on making some huge records for Luci to go out and tour the world with! But Isha Coco might have another one coming at some point!!!

    Who else are you producing at the moment?
    Nicole (Scherzinger). Remixing Ke$ha, Natasha Bedingfield, and Nadine Coyle.

    Why do you think the US dance music scene is so different to Europe and Australia?
    US Radio is lame. But they are slowly but surely catching up. Urban (Hip-Hop/Rap) has been so huge in America so it's been a struggle to get radio to take chances with dance/electronic. They still dont really get the "dj is an artist" thing, but that's changing.

    Tell me about Girlicious. I love that band. Are you still in touch with them?
    I speak to the girls now and then. I'm happy for their success. They are massive in Canada, I'm waiting for them to have a hit in the US, any day now.....

    What are your 5 favourite dance tracks at the moment?
    Tiesto/Diplo "C'Mon" - finally Tiesto, jesus!
    Yenson "My Feeling" (Deniz Koyu Remix) - puts a smile on your face!!
    Tim Berg (Avicii) "Seek Bromance" - new vocal is HUUUUGE!!
    Erika Jayne "One Hot Pleasure" (yet to be released) - produced this and wrote with Luciana!!
    Erick Morillo/Eddie Thoneick "Live Your Life" (Chuckie Remix) - older track that I refuse to forget!

    I'd love to see you behind the decks again in Sydney. When are you coming back?
    I was just in Sydney in August but I'd love to come back, let's do it!!!

    My favourite Dave Audé remix

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R. Kelly - Step in the Name of Love

Watch Blue Velvet (1986) - Online Hollywood Movie Free DVD

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Britney Spears - My Prerogative

Watch Born to Fight (2004) Free Hollywood Online Movie HQ

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Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow - Shame

Lucero - My New Mexican Obsession

    Mexican pop music continues to blow my mind. It's hard to believe that so many glorious divas could emerge from the one nation - María José, Ninel Conde, Fey, Patricia Manterola and Lorena Herrera. So much talent and beauty! Well, I have a new name to add to that long list. A couple of days ago my Mexipop soulmate Joe introduced me to Lucero and it was love at first listen. The glamorous songbird is a living legend at home. She released her first album as a 13 year old in 1982 and is still going strong today. Lucero's latest opus (above) hit stores last month and the video for the album's second single debuted recently. Nothing will prepare you for fabulousness of "Indispensable". A 41 year old balladeer jumping on the electro-pop bandwagon - complete with a film clip that channels Lady Gaga and Britney Spears circa 2000 - is hard to beat! As much as I love the song, it's all about the visuals for me. The cheap special effects, dubious choreography and unfortunate outfits combine to create the video of the year (below). Seriously, this makes Fey's iconic "Let Me Show You" look like "Bad Romance"! Truly breathtaking. The annoying thing is I now have 21 albums to catch up on. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm buying this masterpiece for the cover alone!

    Source URL:
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Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young

    You know Christmas is coming when the shops begin to flood with 'greatest hits' packages and cynically timely re-releases. I really couldn't give a shit about most of them - with the obvious exception of Queen Ke$ha's future classic "Cannibal" - but I'll definitely grab a copy of "The Best Of Nelly Furtado" when it hits stores on the 15th of November. The Canadian pop star has always been a favourite of mine. I was literally obsessed with her debut album to the point where my ex-boyfriend threw it out the car window to avoid hearing "I'm Like A Bird" one more time. What a cunt! Then "Folklore" came along and I fell for her new, softer sound but also happily went along for the ride when she sold out and jumped on the Timbaland bandwagon. Nelly is nothing if not versatile!

    Since "Loose" propelled the diva back to the A List, she's been busy working on a number of side projects like her beautiful Spanish album "Mi Plan" (I don't care about her pronunciation, haters!) as well as collaborations with N.E.R.D. and Tiesto. I guess that makes Nelly's latest single a comeback of sorts - being her first solo, English language release since 2007's "Do It". Has it really been that long? The reaction to "Night Is Young" has been a bit mixed but, as usual, I'm on board. It's not the deepest song Nelly has ever written but I like the upbeat lyrics and fun chorus. With everyone from P!nk to Katy Perry churning out mindless party anthems, it would have been nice for her to do something different but I'm not complaining. "Night is Young" will do nicely over summer. There isn't a video yet but Nelly recently performed an acoustic version (below), which I think I actually prefer. She looks and sounds gorgeous. Can't wait to hear the other new tracks!

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Nice Try, Willow Smith But You're No Ashley Tisdale!

    Unless you've been living under a rock or have no computer (which is basically the same thing), chances are you're already familiar with Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair". Over the past couple of weeks the song has become a cult phenomenon with parodies and cover versions flooding the internet. At first I thought it was just the novelty of Will Smith's daughter releasing a single but "Whip My Hair" is genuinely catchy - albeit in a slightly annoying and repetitive kind of way. I guess I also find it amusing that a 9 year old girl has put all the pretenders in check. "Whip My Hair" is fiercer than anything RiRi or CiCi has released in years! Willow also brings her A game to the video (below), which isn't half as cringeworthy as I expected. I'm not sure how I feel about a bunch of kids dancing like Kaci Battaqlia at a strip joint but it's cute and colourful. Most of all, it warms my heart that Willow recycled Eva Simons' wig from "Silly Boy"! Respect. However, as much as I'm warming to the new and improved Rihanna, there's one hurdle I can't quite overcome. Every time I hear "Whip My Hair" I get the urge to play Ashley Tisdale's stunning and vastly superior hair anthem.


    Of all the flop albums released by Disney queens (Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Osment etc), Ashley Tisdale's appropriately titled "Guilty Pleasure" is the most underrated. Released in 2009, the diva's sophomore album is a veritable treasure trove of trashy pop music. It only spawned one single - the fabulous Kelly Clarkson rip off "It's Alright, It's OK" - but has since developed a cult following thanks to amazing gems like "Hair". I almost wet myself laughing the first time I heard Ashley's ode to luscious locks. What drugs where the songwriters smoking when they came up with this stunning verse?

    Tonight I'm gonna fix it up real nice
    My Shirley Temple curls, I want you to mess 'em up
    I'll put on a bow 'cause I want you to know
    That you got your name on my heart

    The track is utterly ridiculous from beginning to end but I'm completely obsessed. I love the jawdroppingly bad lyrics, revel in the tacky chorus and ache for the diva's read thin vocals. "Hair" is a slice of pop trash heaven! I guess that's my problem with "Whip My Hair". Willow is just too classy to compete with a heavenly being like Ashley. Team Tisdale all the way!

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I Hate That I Love This!

    I'm so annoyed. Pixie Lott was the bitch I loved to hate. "Mama Do" is so bad it belongs on "3 Words" and her whole Duffy for readers of FHM schtick makes me want to vomit. But then she released "Gravity" - sublime in its remixed form - and the genuinely lovely "Turn It Up". The jury, however, was still out until I heard "Broken Arrow". The lead single from Pixie's recently re-released debut album is a hot mess but I love it. Toby Gad knows his way around a soppy power ballad (Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" for example) and I connect with the overwrought lyrics despite some of the worst metaphors in recent memory. It also finally dawned on me that Pixie has a great voice when she's not trying to imitate whoever is currently ripping off Dusty Springfield. The glamorous diva suits a more contemporary sound and should do better internationally with something like this. I even rate the video (below) - despite the fact it blatantly copies Beyoncé's "Halo". There's soft lighting, a dance studio and natural make-up. The only thing missing is an underwater shot and a flowing white dress! Oh wait. I guess if you're going to be a thief, you might as well steal from the best...

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Watch The Human Contract 2008 - Free Hollywood Online Movie Download

    The Human Contract 2008 Hollywood Movie Information :

    Director : Jada Pinkett Smith
    Release Date : 18 March 2010 (Israel)
    Genre : Drama
    Cast : Jason Clarke, Paz Vega, Idris Elba, T.J. Thyne, Joanna Cassidy

    Plot : Locked doors, and the monster inside us. In L.A., tightly-wound Julian Wright is separated. He meets Michael, she's seductive and uninhibited; by chance, a few days later they connect. The PR firm where he's creative director is competing to be bought by a household name (think Proctor & Gamble); winning will bring money........

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    Zshare Link : Part 1...........Part 2

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Watch Hollywood Full Movie Frostbitten 2006 Free Online HQ Print

    Frostbitten 2006 Hollywood Movie Information :

    Director : Anders Banke
    Release Date : 24 February 2006 (Sweden)
    Genre : Horror,Comedy
    Cast : Petra Nielsen, Carl-Åke Eriksson, Grete Havnesköld, Emma Åberg

    Plot : After Annika, a medical doctor, gets work at the local hospital, she and her 17-year old daughter Saga move to a small town in northern Sweden. Annika is keen to work with her idol, geneticist Professor Gerhard Beckert. However Beckert's sinister past in the Waffen-SS soon catches up with him when a couple of pill-popping interns mistake an experimental vaccine for party drugs. Mayhem ensues as the town's teenagers succumb one by one to the mysterious virus........

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Watch Online The Story of O Free Hollywood Movie and DVD Quality

    The Story of O 1975 Hollywood Movie Watch Online Informations :

    Director : Just Jaeckin
    Release Date : 14 November 1975
    Genre : Drama
    Cast : Corinne Clery, Udo Kier, Anthony Steel, Jean Gaven, Christiane Minazzoli, Martine Kelly, Jean-Pierre Andr éani, Gabriel Cattand

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Willow - Whip My Hair

    "Whip My Hair" is the debut single by American recording artist Willow Smith from her yet-to-be-titled debut release. The media outlets have dubbed her "baby Rihanna" for her extravagant outfits compared to Rihanna, whom she later credited as a musical influence. Coincidentally, her song was leaked on the same day as Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)". It has so far peaked at #17 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.Source URL:
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Watch Casanova 2005 Free Hollywood Movie | Watch Online Casanova HQ Print

    Title :Casanova 2005
    Starring : Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons, Oliver Platt
    Category : English Movie
    Gener : Thriller , Drama , Romance

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Luciana On Kylie, Sarah Harding & Australia

    On Saturday Luciana returns to Australia for the fourth time in 2010. It's another lightening fast trip for the dance icon but I'm hoping to catch up with her again at the Fat As Butter music festival in Newcastle. Last time she was here I managed to pin her down for an interview but held off posting it until the article was published. A couple of weeks ago it unexpectedly turned up on the cover of the Southern Star Observer in Melbourne - so I guess it's about time I shared it with you! I'm really proud of how it turned out. Luci spills the beans on her US record deal, talks about writing for Kylie and comments on her ongoing love affair with Australia. Oh and she mentions that lady boy from Girls Aloud but I won't hold that against her. Enjoy!

    2010 is turning into something of a banner year for Luciana.

    After years of lending her signature ‘shouty’ vocal to a seemingly endless string of underground dance tracks, the UK’s reigning club queen has finally crossed over to the mainstream and carved out a niche as the go to woman for dance music’s hottest producers.

    In the past twelve months Luciana has scored 4 big hits on the ARIA club chart – she currently has two (“Go Go Go” and “I’ve Got My Eye On You”) in the top 50 - including her double platinum top 5 smash hit collaboration with Static Revenger and Richard Vission, “I Like That”.

    The prolific diva is still shocked by the song’s popularity in Australia.

    “It got to #2 or #3. We got platinum discs. It’s crazy. Australia was the first place to take it and now America is just starting. So hopefully that will happen and England has just signed it as well,” she told Star Observer.

    The local success of “I Like That” even helped Luciana score a record deal with Interscope Records – the home of pop heavyweights like Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani.

    “The funny thing is we went to Interscope… a year ago and nothing happened. I was like ‘that’s a bit weird’. Flew us out there, wanted to meet me, nothing happened and now here we are. [I] just got signed and am working on an EP and writing for other artists.”

    One of those artists is Australia’s own Kylie Minogue. Luciana wrote the track “Cupid Boy” for the pop icon’s latest album “Aphrodite” – a career highlight for the self confessed Kylie fanatic.

    “Oh my god! [I’m] an ultimate Kylie fan! I absolutely love her. And I wanted to get on the last album and that didn’t happen,” she explains.

    Happily, she had more luck this time around.

    “We got [“Cupid Boy”] from Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia and we were like ‘this is such a fabulous backing track that we need to make sure that what we do over it is amazing’ and we worked and worked and edited and edited… and then right at the last minute they chose the song. Oh god it was a moment. Honestly, I cried and called my mum. My mum was crying with me!”

    Luciana has even been called back to write songs for the impending re-release of “Aphrodite”.

    “We submitted a song called “If I Ruled The World”,” she reveals.

    Apart from Kylie, the hit songwriter has been busy collaborating with some of the biggest pop stars in America and the UK.

    “I’m actually writing with Sarah Harding at the moment from Girls Aloud. She’s down the studio. And she’s lovely. A good time girl. She’s got a great voice and we’re just writing some tracks together. And when we go to America we’re gonna do some stuff with Nicole Scherzinger.”

    Given the way “I Like That” is catching on in America (already a top 40 hit on pop airplay and rapidly the iTunes top 200 countdown), Luciana could be spending a lot of time stateside.

    “I’m moving to LA at the beginning of September for 3 months to write and hopefully promote the single. You know depending on what’s happening. It’s just got added to MTV Hits, so that’s a really amazing thing. These little things are starting to happen but fingers crossed it’s all going to work out.”

    That doesn’t mean that Luciana has forgotten about her Australian fans. She is returning to Australia – for the fourth time in 2010 – for a tour in December and even plans to move here permanently.

    “Yeah what I’m thinking is – have an album out, then a child, then move to Australia. Put some flip flops on. Hang. It’s all good!”
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Temper Trap - Live At The Chapel

    I usually don't blog about competitions but this one caught my interest and gives me an excuse to post one of my favourite remixes of 2010. Russian Standard Vodka are giving away tickets to see the always brilliant Temper Trap perform an acoustic set at The Chapel in Sydney. You also get accommodation and spending money but I think I'd prefer a crate of that delicious vodka and a couple of cartons of orange juice to swig at the show. But that's just me. Anyway, you can enter the draw here. If you win and need a hot date - hit me up! Ok, so the remix. Much earlier this year, The Temper Trap released "Love Lost" in the UK and commissioned a bunch of surprisingly fun remixes. My favourite was the dubiously titled Rock Da World Radio Edit (below). It's not quite the Axwell mix of "Sweet Disposition" but I like it. A lot!

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Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World)

    "Only Girl (In the World)" is the lead single by Barbadian recording artist Rihanna from her fifth upcoming studio album, Loud. The song is a up-tempo dominant dance-pop song that incorporates elements of Eurodance in its production and beats. Released on September 10, 2010, the song has reached number one in seven countries and the top ten of eight other countries including number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.Source URL:
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Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

Usher - Lil Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)

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