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    Since re-opening the blog, I've written about a number of Australian pop songs - from the sublime to the ridiculous - but there are too many noteworthy singles to comment on individually. So I thought I'd do a round-up post. Here are some random musings on the latest tunes by some of the country's best (and worst) purveyors of pop music.

    Stan Walker feat. Static Revenger - Light It Up (Video)

    I love Stan and know Dennis (Static Revenger) through Luciana but this unlikely pairing turns out to be a little underwhelming. While "Loud" was slightly generic, it was on trend and positioned the 20-year-old as Australia's answer to Taio Cruz. The track was also fun, catchy and memorable. Three adjectives that don't really apply to "Light It Up". Perhaps it's a grower.

    Anthony Callea - Oh Oh Oh Oh (Video)


    Darren Hayes - Bloodstained Heart (Video)

    There's something about Darren Hayes that I just don't like. Maybe it's the fact that he looks like a serial killer. Or it could be those hideous Savage Garden power ballads that mum used to torture me with on the way to school. But I digress. This is first song from Darren that I've liked since "Crush (1980 Me)". It's beautiful and I think everyone should buy it.

    Tonight Alive - Let It Land (Video)

    These punk/pop rockers are being hailed as the next big thing and they have already amassed a loyal following of crazy stans. I'm not convinced but "Let It Land" is easily their most commercial single to date and at least they're not Short Stack. Keep an eye on these guys.

    Shannon Noll - Switch Me On (Video)

    Shannon can switch me on anytime he likes. This is a good, old-fashioned pop/rock tune that would have been a massive hit five years ago. It's a little too dated for 2011 but, ironically, that's the main reason I like it so much. "Switch Me On" is a warm and fuzzy flashback to less complicated times. I can't wait for his album.

    Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (Video)

    Having already notched up six weeks at number one, there's not much left to say about "Somebody That I Used To Know". Apart from labelling it the "Someone Like You" for underfed hipsters.

    Marvin Priest feat. Wynter Gordon - Take Me Away (Video)

    I really like Marvin and sang the praises of "Own This Club" months before it charted. Furthermore, everyone knows that I worship at the alter of Wynter Gordon. So it pains me to admit that this leaves me cold. The song is fine, the production is tight and the video is a winner but something is missing. Bring on single number three.

    Washington - Holy Moses (Video)

    This is the bad, indie version of Lady Gaga's "Judas". Seriously, Megan. From "Rich Kids" to this shit?

    Architecture In Helsinki - Escapee (Video)

    AIH is one of those bands I never mention on the blog but like. A lot. This is a typically clever and well-crafted pop song from one of the country's best pop acts. I love the video too. They are due a commercial breakthrough.

    The Potbelleez - Midnight Midnight (Video)

    My old friends copy pay homage to the Black Eyed Peas' "Rock Your Body" on the latest single from their sophomore album. Not as embarrassing as it sounds.

    Living End - Song For The Lonely (Video)

    Unfortunately not a Cher cover but still amazing. The iconic punk rockers continue to be better than your faves 17 years after their debut. Admittedly, this is not their best single but there's better on the album.

    Emma Louise - Jungle (below)

    "Jungle" is that rarest of finds - a smart, quirky and catchy pop song that isn't so far up its own arse that you automatically want to hate it on principal. Kimbra, I'm looking at you. Emma Louise is starting to get some serious buzz with good reason. She's got the voice, look and sound to cause some serious damage. I can't wait to hear what she does next.

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