Move Over Willow, China's Got This!

    Poor Willow Smith. She's already a hair-whipping has-been at the ripe old age of 10. While her flops are gathering dust in Will and Jada's home studio, 13-year-old China Anne McClain is scalping divas three times her age with the top 60 US iTunes smash "Call All The Monsters". Before you reach for a knitting needle and violently pierce your eardrums, let me reassure you that this is NOT a tribute to Lady Gaga fans. Instead, it's a catchy electro-pop anthem with a Halloween theme. Refreshingly age-appropriate subject matter for a child. I love the song and think China shows some serious diva chops in the elaborate video (below). She can actually sing and dances up a storm. So who is this stunning triple-threat? In case you've already gone through puberty or actually have a life, the Disney queen stars in A.N.T. Farm and previously released a cover of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite". Which was pretty awesome. I'm impressed by this girl. So far, so good.

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